Best Ways to Avoid the Common Real Estate Disputes

Best Ways to Avoid the Common Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes are quite common in India wherein the property rates are increasing rapidly with each passing day. Legal battles over land continue for decades in different Indian courts and in most of the cases, they result in the wastage of lots of money, energy and time. There is no guarantee of winning after a long battle is fought over a disagreement. An amicable settlement with the mutual agreement is always the right solution of the problem. But, it has failed greatly to resolve the real estate disputes because of the high stakes of the parties and their skyrocketing temptation.

Even a carefully negotiated transaction or prudently drafted a real estate contract or partnership can have disputes. So, is there any solution to unusual and unforeseen problems in real estate industry? Just look at some most common disputes in the real estate arena and see how to solve them appropriately-

1. Incomplete Information Provided By Landlord Or Real Estate Agents
Non-disclosure of the complete information about the property (which is put for sale/rent) by landlords or real estate agents is one of the main problems which hunts most of the home seekers. If you buy such a house, against which electricity bill, water bill, cases, tax, etc, are pending, you will be held liable to clear all these issues ultimately. This can cause a huge financial strain in your life.

Whenever you look for a new house or property, you should check the reputation of the landlords/real estate agents at first. Ask them to demonstrate the original papers of the property and make sure that there is no case or bill is pending against it. If the landlords/real estate agents refused to show such papers, don’t deal with them and look for other good options available in the market.

2. Forceful Land Acquisition
For the development of residential and commercial apartments, the land is acquired. For this, government and law enforcement machinery get involved in forceful land acquisition practices which invite lots of legal troubles from the stakeholders. Cases of violence between the law enforcement agencies and people the hit news headlines regularly. You may also be a victim of this problem. On the other hand, if you buy such disputed properties, you will have to face legal problems in the long run.

If you are a victim of forceful land acquisition, it will be better for you to launch a legal pursuit against the offender in consultation with a renowned Property Dispute Lawyer. Don’t get involved in the procession or verbal fight against the rival parties as it will make the matter worse. If you are a buyer, don’t buy such properties against which people are lots of disputes and cases are pending in courts.

3. Unnecessary Delay In Possession
When you buy a home, residential apartment, commercial buildings, most of the real estate companies promise to provide the possession of the purchased property on a fixed date. But, in the majority of the cases, they make unnecessary delay in possession by giving you a number of reasons, such as the incomplete status of the house, lack of funds, pending clearance from different departments, etc.

If you are the victim, you can get in touch with the best law firms in India, tell your problems to real estate lawyers and get the right solution of the problems easily and quickly. In case you represent a real estate development company, you should ask your clients to wait for some more time for complete possession. Don’t provoke customers by not replaying their genuine questions related to the possession.

4. Modification In The Original Agreement
Sudden changes and modification in the existing agreement can frustrate home buyers. As per the existing law, real estate companies can make changes or modification in the original agreement only after getting prior approval from 2/3 home buyers. Most of the real estate companies don’t follow this rule and make several changes in the original plan as per their convenience.

If you face this problem, you can challenge the modification in court by taking legal suggestions from top lawyer firms in India. They will help you to get what you originally agreed with the real estate company.

5. Fraudulent Activities
Cases of fraud activities are rapidly increasing in the real estate sector. Due to the lack of any regulatory authority supervising this sector or its transactions, some unscrupulous players had made an entry to this industry. They cheat investors financially and legally by making untrue promises.

Before making any transaction, it’s your liability to look into the builder’s credentials, track record in detail. Scrutinize lucrative discounts and freebies very carefully. There are many cases where new and small builders sell the same flat to multiple buyers, collect the full payment and disappear all of a sudden, causing a great loss to the buyers.

6. Brokerage issues
On several occasions, conflicts emerge on account of the non-payment of brokerage to the real estate broker/agent. It can happen when the amount of brokerage is not pre-decided or agreed with the buyer.

You can solve this problem by communicating with the real estate agent and the seller. If you feel that you are charged unfairly for brokerage money, you can contact dispute resolution firms and seek the right legal assistance easily.

7. Maintenance-Related Problems
Home seekers are supposed to pay a certain amount as maintenance charges to real estate companies or the residential society on an annual or quarterly basis. High maintenance charges often give birth to several conflicts.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the house you purchased or maintenance charges, you can escalate the problem to Litigation Lawyers and get the problem solved legally.

Final Words:
These are top 7 real estate disputes. Just follow the solutions given here above and get a house/apartment easily and effortlessly.

Author: Amy Jones

Amy Jones is a professional legal expert working with Ahlawat & Associates. A company that provides legal services in a convenient manner. She is a passionate writer and loves to share about business related tips.

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